The bunny_farm library now uses application environment variables for setting the server connection properties. This has been on the todo list for quite some time, but as my system is still in development, there wasn’t a huge urgency to make this configurable. The time though has come, so without further ado, the following properties can be set in the app.config:

{amqp_username, <<"guest">>},
{amqp_password, <<"guest">>},
{amqp_virtual_host, <<"/">>},
{amqp_host, "localhost"},
{amqp_port, "5672"}

These need to be set in the properties for the application of the calling process. Since bunny_farm itself doesn’t start any processes itself, the config should be in the application of the calling process. This also gives more flexibility since multiple applications can each own their own server configuration.