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I usually take pictures of things with a slightly unconventional perspective. Yet sometimes the majesty of the surroundings is so great that an unadulterated view is best. I like to call these postcard shots, which I present below of Powerscourt House and Gardens.

Triton Lake

First is a view of the house from behind Triton Lake. The house was built in 1890 (or so) atop numerous versions of the estate. Since its original construction in the 13th Century, this estate has been a coveted property.

Powerscourt and Triton Lake

Here is the opposing view of the lake. Apparently the pegasus is a symbol of the estate, but I didn’t find anything that discussed the history or significance. (EDIT: I’m a little disappointed in this picture as the sky is too washed out.)


This is a view from beneath the two pegasi. At the end was a little bench that was either for sitting or praying. In my case it was for taking pictures.

Reflecting pool

This is a nice view of the Great Sugar Loaf. The rolling hills are quite breathtaking in this part of Ireland.

The Great Sugar Loaf

The Gardens

Okay so there ought to be some more pictures of the grounds, which happen to be in the Italianate style. Unfortunately to really capture its majesty, you need to be perched up high, with legs longer than my own. Here is the quintessential picture courtesy of the people at Powerscourt themselves.

This might not qualify as a postcard shot per se, but the trees were a highlight of the garden. Their shapes were remarkably sculptural.

Sculptural trees

This is a nice pool and fountain in the midst of roses and dahlias.


 Japanese Garden

What estate would be complete without their own Japanese-style garden? I love Japanese maples so you won’t hear me complaining. The one thing that was conspicuously missing, though, were Koi.

Japanese gardens

Maple and pagoda


To be continued

In a follow up post, I’ll share some close-up macro shots of flowers and bugs. Hopefully they aren’t too cliche, although with a new camera it’s hard to resist. Cheers.