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As promised here are some macro shots from around Powerscourt Gardens. This is the continuation of the earlier post on Powerscourt Gardens in County Wicklow, Ireland.

Here’s a smallish butterfly on some flowers. Whoever said that Ireland is drab in September never envisioned global climate change. The bees and butterflies were congregating about as though it were Christmas mass, which posed an interesting problem in and of itself as nobody wanted to stay still.

A hungry butterfly

Here is the other part of our dynamic duo, a fuzzy bumblebee going about its business on some sedum.

Bee and sedum

I was one of those weird kids that loved looking at dead stuff. Well as an adult, I now take a keen interest in dead plant matter. In a separate post I’ll explain why. As for the next picture, this is a dead water lily leaf floating atop a pool. I like how it looks like old, burnt paper.

Lily leaf

Pretty much everywhere you look there are rose bushes. I liked the vibrancy of these, and dare I say that my wife says they look better here than in real life.


There is quite a bit more to Powerscourt, but I’m sticking to the highlights. Next up will be a few shots of Mount Usher Gardens, which boasts a naturalistic style instead of a formal style.