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On my way to a hike near Albany, I drove past a field with some Scottish Highland cattle. At first I thought they might be yaks, but it turns out that they are a breed of cattle known for their long, wavy coats. The so-called red Highlands have particularly nice coats. Judging from the hair on its head, I’m guessing that this is where the moppy-style haircut originates from.


This one seemed curious and approached me as I was taking pictures. I didn’t realize that it was sticking its tongue out, so perhaps it was mocking me instead!


The females apparently have horns as well. Here’s a tender moment with mother and calf. I felt a little bad taking these shots as the calf seemed bothered that I was pointing a long lens at it during feeding time. It would pause, look at me, turn, and look at Mom. I didn’t think babies were that self-conscious about these sorts of things, but maybe they are a sensitive breed.

Here they are both looking at me. (Unfortunately the picture is a little blurry. Oh, to have auto-focus.)


Eventually the milk ran out or it got tired of the paparazzo, and it wandered over to its friends. I was surprised by how much thicker the coat of the dun Highland was.


Here’s Mom after feeding time.


I eventually went back to my car to retrieve a different lens. Upon my return, a number of the cattle started approaching me, which I thought was great fortune. It turns out that they really did tire of my presence as they started braying loudly. It was a rather awful sound and nothing like a ‘moo’. The only thing separating the half dozen head and me was a thin, electrified (I’m guessing) wire. So rather than push my luck, I chose to leave quietly, which probably means that I would make for a poor paparazzo.