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I recently bought an ultra wide angle lens for my camera, so I’ve been looking for opportunities to take pictures. My first foray was in the woods at the site of a collapsed house. The odd angles worked great with the wrapping distortion of the fish eye. This time around I thought I’d explore the cityscape. What better place than Central Park.

First is the area around Columbus Circle. I know fisheyes can be cheesy, but sometimes it can be used to enhance a composition.



Inside the park, the daffodils were out en masse. They are probably my favorite flower as they seem so cheerful and come in so many varieties. Regardless of my mood, a daffodil will always put a smile on my face (or at least on the inside). No other flower has this effect on me. This picture is looking south with the Essex House in the background.


This is the Gazebo near Cherry Hill at The Lake looking west. It’s quite a dramatic change from the still lively crowd around Columbus Circle to the almost pure tranquility in the park. I guess for most people there isn’t much to do, but I took my time soaking in the quiet. I even managed to surprise some ducks and geese who also weren’t expecting anyone out and about.


Here’s the north side of The Lake again looking south. On the way here I surprised a raccoon. It’s surprising how much wildlife is actually on Manhattan. Up in my neck of the woods (northern Manhattan) we’ve even seen a wild turkey.


So next time you’re out late, take a stroll through Central Park and marvel at the nocturnal scenery. Just remember to be quiet and don’t scare the wildlife!