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Apparently people travel to Costa Rica specifically for the insects. Having encountered a number of large colorful ones, now I know why. Here are two grasshoppers I found at opposite ends of Costa Rica. They were both about 3″ long and not afraid of me whatsoever. Surprisingly, many of the large insects seemed unconcerned about human presence.

The first is a red tropidacris cristata that I found on a beach in Corcovado National Park in the Osa Peninsula. This is a protected tropical jungle, where we also saw tapirs, agoutis, and lots of monkeys. It was surprising to see this fella hanging out on the beach.


The second I found at night near Rincon de la Vieja. Despite its size, it didn’t make much noise, unlike the cicadas. Notice the mosquito on the grasshopper hitching a ride!


If anyone knows the species for this one, please let me know. Thanks!