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I’ve been requested to post some pictures of sheep, so here are a few photos near the rope bridge of Carrick-a-Rede island. It’s a rather long walk to a very short bridge. The views are nice but probably not worth the entrance fee.

Okay this is a bait and switch as this shot is actually from the top of Giant’s Causeway. One thing about the Irish landscape is that the tracts of land are separated by hedges and shrubs, which contributes nice contrast to the landscape.


This is on the way to the rope bridge just before the village of Ballintoy. I took it primarily for the linear color bands created by the fields.


This is the view from the rope bridge itself. The cliffs here are more dramatic than at Giant’s Causeway since they are fairly sheer. It’s some 300 – 400 feet from the top to a shallow grave at the bottom. The water was so clear you could see the sand and seaweed resting below the one or two feet of water.preview.DSCF0915

There’s a small domicile here along with a boat. I think it comes from the fishermen that used to take up residence here long before 250,000 tourists passed over the island annually.


The island itself is small. You can see Scotland from here as well as some other smallish islands. I don’t know who the woman is staring off into the distance, but I thought it was a poignant shot given the scenery and the fact that her color scheme matches the surroundings.


And here are some sheep. I have to admit that I find sheep to be rather difficult to photograph, primarily because they aren’t personable. Unlike goats that will tend to walk towards you, sheep normally bray and walk away from you. Or perhaps they don’t like how I look.


At any rate I suppose it makes a good excuse to purchase a telephoto lens.


When I get a chance, I’ll post some sheep that were grazing near the Sally Gap in the Wicklow National Park.